Our headquarters are built with a workspace management perspective and are all owned by Aladiah Real Estate of Aladiah Group. A hybrid environment that reflects an agile and effective working model that optimizes the workplace, improves engagement and increases the productivity of our Life Advisors.

The well-being of employees, the development of their professional skills and at the same time the right balance between private life and work is the ideal environment that we at Aladiah are continuing to create. For this reason we maintain that a correct work-life balance is a fundamental factor for the growth of the business. Thus devising a Hybrid working with increasingly flexible schedules to manage your day in complete autonomy, thus redefining the traditional concept of work with a particular attention to quality and not quantity.

Arcore (MB)

The headquarters of Arcore was born from the desire of Aladiah to equip itself with an administrative and representative pole that could serve as a link between the various headquarters of the group and be at the same time a reference point on the territory for our customers and a working environment for our Life Advisors.

The project comes to life in 2019 with the opening of Aladiah Hub, a smart construction in energy-efficient green building created through the total renovation of a pre-existing building of the 60s for hotel use long in disuse.

The architectural and energy redevelopment of the structure, in addition to the embellishment of the outdoor green spaces, have been designed not only with the intention of providing a functional seat, modern and comfortable but also with attention to the improvement of the adjacent residential area from the point of view of both aesthetics and safety and usability, with consequent benefit for all the resident population.


Located in the East of Milan in an area completely converted and redeveloped, which retains the charm of a historic Milanese industrial architecture of the early 1900s, formerly home to the aeronautical workshops of Caproni. The headquarters is located within a context that combines present and past, tradition and innovation, thus giving concrete form to the business model.

The complex is characterized by the presence of television studios, photo agencies, communication, fashion, recording studios and important companies operating in different sectors of international fame. An iconic, modern and nationally and internationally recognized place that hosts numerous fashion events, television and exhibitions of important artists. The building is made of bricks on the outside, maintaining its authenticity as the entire district was built.

The interiors follow the criteria of modernity and sustainability and are designed to welcome our customers in a comfortable environment and to place our Life Advisors at the center of a corporate welfare that aims to ensure innovative, agile and motivating working environments and improving the well-being of our employees.

The environment is characterized by large working spaces, completely illuminated by natural light, insulated from the outside at an acoustic and thermal level and stands out for a light architecture in industrial style resulting from a custom-made interior design project. The whole is made even more comfortable by indoor plants harmoniously inserted into the context.


The historic headquarters of the group in Monza is located in a privileged position in order to easily reach the routes to/from Milan-ring roads-highways, in a context of professional studies, saw the birth in 2015 of the Aladiah project , its development and the most important business partnerships.

It has recently been restructured to redistribute spaces and respond to the new demands of style, method and distribution model to be in line with the new approach of workspace management that optimizes the working environment in which to practice the profession.